You got to love sugar and coffee…Espresso Meringue

I can only handle meringues once and a while. But they are FAT-FREE…but full of sugar yumminess. You can eat them with coffee, crush them and use them on top of ice cream, make meringue mushrooms for those famous Buche de Noels, anything. As you can see this treat is fun for all ages. Thanks to Ry and Jocie  for your help.

Espresso Meringue
Make sure to gather all your Mise en Place before hand. Because MERINGUE does not wait for you and it will collapse if not used right away.

Espresso Meringue recipe:
147g Egg Whites
147g Granulated Sugar
147g Powdered Sugar

*flavoring I used 10g Espresso powder but you can use anything or color it.

1.)Put the whites into the kitchenAid mixing bowl with the whisk attachment. This is a perfect amount for the kitchenAid. Make sure the bowl is clean and the whites do not have any goldfish(aka any pieces of yolks). Meringues worst enemy is FAT!!! If the meringue comes in contact it will not whip up properly.



2.)Once the whites begin to get frothy slowly sprinkle in the granulated sugar. Trying not to get the sugar on the sides. Scrape and whip until stiff peaks form.



3.)Add more sugar ..the powdered sugar. You can just dump it all in at once just be careful when you turn on the mixer that the whole kitchen is not covered in beautiful white powdered sugar.

IMG_1306 copy




4.)Keep whipping until stiff peaks form. It may take at least five minutes.


5.)Add the espresso powder.

IMG_1307 copy



6.)Fill your piping bag and then start piping I used tip number #828 Ateco

IMG_1316 copy


7.)I then handed over the bag to Ry and Jocie and they both began piping away.

IMG_1335 copyIMG_1334 copy


8.)Bake for 2 hours in a 200F oven. If the meringue crack while int the oven that usually means the oven was too hot every oven is different. The meringues should be crisp and dry.  Once cool keep in an airtight container.


Meringues hate humid and rainy days try not to make them. But if you need to right away wrap airtight.

There are many types of meringue:
French meringue Is the most popular meringue to home bakers you just whip up the whites and add sugar then bake it in the oven to cook the whites
Italian meringue This method is a little tricky. This method is done by boiling a sugar syrup and pouring it on the whipped whites. It often happens that the whites get cooked or over whipped. This method is very popular for making an Italian Buttercream.
Swiss meringue is whisked over a double boiler to warm the egg whites, and then whisked until it cools. This forms a dense, glossy marshmallow-like meringue. It is usually then baked or torched.

I found out if you do not want to use the meringue you can keep it in the freezer in a piping bag. It is not the best but it does work just the texture is a little different.


Little story: I was working in a kitchen in New England and we made about 10 batches of meringue a week. We sold over $400 in just meringues in one week. This owner/chef I worked for asked to have the recipe gave it to him he made a batch. But he most of scaled it wrong and it was all messed up. He yelled and screamed and threw things at me and then I gave my written notice the next day. All because of a batch of meringue.

I got this picture off the internet because I think the chef would of been mad if I took pictures.

5 thoughts on “You got to love sugar and coffee…Espresso Meringue

  1. Thanks! That is my nephew he is adorable. It just takes practice to pipe. I have been doing it for over 10 years. You should write a blog entry for my blog I am always looking for new exciting recipes and ideas.

    • Thanks so much! He is the best and always helpful in the kitchen along with my other nieces Jocie and Ana. Let me know if you end up making them because I would love to put pictures of work of followers on my blog. Happy Baking!

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