Finally….getting my life back together

The past eight months have been extremely difficult with being extremely sick due to being pregnant and my father passing away from Pancreatic Cancer. But, my little girl named Juniper is due September 3rd and I am beginning to feel a lot better.  For seven months, I was unable to do anything the smells of the kitchen made me sick. Every couple of days I had to go to the doctors. It was awful but now I am beginning to bake and do art again. Yipee! I just opened my Etsy shops again. Now, I am just waiting for Juniper to arrive. 

Since, I do not have the energy to be on my feet all day I started playing around with clay. I created a Kickstarter Project the Tiny Bowls. Missed the cutoff for the Kickstarter Backer Rewards. Help fund my project and pay through Paypal below.

Kickstarter Backer Rewards

To see the rewards when backing my project click on the following link : Tiny Bowl Project on Kickstarter

Here’s the update: Love the Support! Can we make it to $300? With a little over one day left we have reached over $250 but can we make it to 300? I’ll do a little dance with all my Tiny Bowls on YouTube! It’s a party. Every backer who supports $15 or more gets a free extra bonus of a porcelain spoon,plate,mug, and a bag of sugar cookies. Yummy. That’s a whole entire plate setting.

Help Support my Kickstarter project



preganant picture

Life is full of risk and challenges but these Tiny Bowls will survive and conquer the world with your help.

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