How to line a tart shell

Everyone is always amazed that it take me barely anytime at all to line a tart pan. So, I am going to share a few tricks of the trade.

1.Prepare your dough 2 hours or overnight before see recipe below. Pull the dough out of the refrigerator to soften and no more than 5 minutes. Make sure to butter your pan so the crust does not stick once baked.DSC_00012.  It is very important your dough had time to rest at least two hours but it is better overnight. Allowing it to rest prevents the dough from shrinking while in the oven. Lightly flour your surface and begin to roll. Make sure to constantly move the dough around to make sure it does not stick. And also flipping the dough over. Flour only if necessary if you add too much flour the dough will become dry.  Roll out to 1/4″ thick and keeping it round.DSC_00023.  Using a pizza pan or a plate cut larger than the pan you are using. Make sure to calculate for the sides and a little extra.DSC_0006 4.  If you end up having too much dough around the sides just cut with scissors once the dough is lined in your tart shell. If you do not have enough you are screwed! Then most likely you will end up with an ugly tart. For best results allow your circle to rest in the refrigerator again for 1 hour. But I know everyone is in a hurry so go ahead and begin lining your tart shell.DSC_00075. Fold the circle in half and press into the tart pan. If the dough is too soft put back in the fridge before continuing for about 10 minutes. Fold over the top edge to create a rim. Make sure the dough is pressed all the way in the corners to ensure the dough does not settle.DSC_00166.Watch this short video of how I lined the tart shell

  7.  Put the finish tart shell in the fridge to firm up. Preheat your oven 350F. Then place parchment or foil in your tart shell then fill with beans, pie weight or rice. If the dough is not firm the weights will leave marks in your tart shell.DSC_00218. Bake for 20 minutes with weights then remove and bake the rest of the way. If the center begins to puff up poke with a knife. Depending on your recipe you may need to bake it completely or par bake. Do not over-bake. Are you putting a filling in then baking it again? If so just bake until the crust sets and the bottom is lightly baked.DSC_0025


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