Soft Pretzels by the Pretzel Guy Brad Lappin

I never knew how much I missed a high quality pretzel. These pretzels brings back the good old memories at Culinary Institute of America,CIA. Two weeks ago, I had the chance to work along Brad Lappin, the pretzel guy. We met ten years ago when we were both students. I helped Brad with a Denver Post gig and it happens that I am in the video. I look pretty funny but that’s life. Life is always amusing me because the last time I made a pretzel was like 10 years ago at school. I guess I should have practiced before millions would see me make a pretzel.
Watch the video here.
pretzel 1


If you want to make these lovely pretzels here is Brad’s Recipe. Soft Pretzels

You can fold in anything you want into these pretzels. We happen to add bacon but you can add anything you can think of.

pretzel 12 pretzel 13

If you wanted to make traditional pretzels you can buy the pretzel salt.  and  lye ,which is toxic, off of Amazon. You need lye for flavor also not just looks! But please be very careful and wear gloves.

pretzel 14

 Then add your favorite mustard and you are ready to pick up that pint of beer. Cheers! And if you are ever in Pennsylvania near my hometown please check out how the Amish make pretzels. Intercourse Pretzel Factory at the end they give you a sticker and you get to make pretzels.


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