Peanut Flax Honey Cookie ~ Unbaked~

honey cookie 9

This one is for you Carol. :) You can change around these cookies by adding cherries, chocolates, or basically what ever you want to add. Be creative! If I was feeding these to kids I would grind up the flax seeds unless they like flax seeds. All the kids that I come across say Yuck flax seeds. For some reason if it sounds healthy most likely they will not give it a fair chance. My mom always tried to fool us. Sometimes, I had no idea what was in the food I was eating. Thanks Mom xoxo.

Basically you grind all the ingredient up in a food processor and then add the boiling honey on top. Mix then press into molds. Simple,easy, and rewarding.

1.)Combine all ingredients together but the honey in a bowl. You can add 1 Tbsp of Chia Seeds Optional
Honey Cookie 1 honey cookie 2

2.)In a food processor pulse the ingredients until a little more than coarse but not powder)

Honey cookie 3

3.)Bring to a boil the honey.honey cookie 5

4.)Add the honey to the oat mixture.

Honey Cookie 6

5.)Press into molds or scoop into balls. Set aside for at least two hours to allow the cookies to become firm. Honey cookie 7 Honey Cookie 8


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