Lemon Tart-Oh My!!



Right now, I am not a fan of my favorite dessert the Lemon Tart.I wanted to smash this tart up against the wall and watch it splatter. Why? I made a batch with ducks and it tasted really fishy/gamey. The thing is I gave it to some friends and it was quite embarrassing. Not sure exactly why the reaction occurred ?? I made duck egg ice cream and it was amazing then made meringue cookies with duck egg whites and no problems. You would think it would make the lemon tart rich and more flavorful. Some how there is a chemical reaction with the lemon and the duck eggs. I made the lemon tart again using chicken eggs and there was no problems. Does anyone know the reason why? I could not figure out an exact explanation.

I am lucky my friends told me if not I would have never of known. I am grateful that they are able to tell me -hey that dessert sucked! :)

Really confused the science behind it! How come it was gamey?


Making of the Lemon Tart:

1.)Combine the eggs, egg yolks, and sugar over a double boiler and whip until ribbon stage.


2.)Add a third of the Lemon Juice and whip until ribbon stage again. Then add 1/3 more of the Lemon Juice and whip until ribbon stage.

Repeat with the last of the lemon juice.




3.)Pour into your pre baked tart shell.
4.)Put in the refrigerator for about three hours until set. 

 You live and learn.

As Mara, one of my mentors,she told me… “Pioneers exploring new territory will always encounter difficulties”


One of my friends, Vanee told me that coconut oil cuts down on the gamey flavor of duck eggs. She uses coconut oil when making scrambled duck eggs. Hey it is worth a try because I love the richness of the yolk. Or maybe chicken eggs for the whole eggs and use duck eggs just for the yolk.


This recipe makes one 9″ tart pan or you can make small 3 small 4.75″ tarts

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3 thoughts on “Lemon Tart-Oh My!!

  1. Have there been any changes to the feed of the ducks recently, or what they are grazing on? Maybe it’s not a reaction with the lemon, or even duck eggs in general, but just that particular batch of duck eggs? I have helped raise chickens before and occasionally I would notice a fishy taste in some of those eggs, but not all of the them, and not all of the time. The only thing that made sense to me to explain it was what they were ingesting. Their regular feed always stayed the same, so I thought it was likely a particular weed at a certain time of year, or the garden scraps that were being given to them (sometimes there would be a larger amount of greens or onions tossed in the coop compared to what else was being tossed it there). Apparently, there are certain breeds of chickens that when they ingest certain things, it produces a chemical that has a fishy taste, and that transfers to the eggs. Not sure if you can attribute that to some ducks as well, but seems probable. Couldn’t really figure it out, but I feel like that was the issue. Sorry this happened to you and your beautiful looking tart!

    • Thanks but the ducks have been eating the same food besides more cabbage then normal. I used chicken eggs that have been eating the same exact food as the ducks and had no problems. When are we going to bake together?

      • Huh. You replaced the chicken eggs and yolks with the duck eggs by weight, right? Seems weird that there would be a reaction like this with eggs and lemon juice, but maybe the different protein in the duck eggs does something, or the larger amount of omega 3s in duck eggs is just more noticeable in this application…I imagine there are many places that make hollandaise or aioli with duck eggs though, you know? Now I’m going to wonder about this…

        Let’s plan something for after spring break, 1st week of April or so? Would love to make french macaroons!

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