Chocolate Festival in Denver Colorado

Last week, I had an opportunity to do two demos on chocolates at the Chocolate Festival in Denver, Colorado. I was not sure what to exact because I usually do not do these kinds of things but I had tons of fun. I had a group of four people helping me from making the chocolates to being at the booth. I put my heart and soul into every step and did not sleep much preparing for the event. And the last chocolate festival I have been to was in Paris, France Le Salon du Chocolat so I was comparing my expectations to that.  When I thought I had everything under control Channel 9 News called me to do a demo.Oh my!  So even less sleep and pushed myself harder. The demos rocked and was proud of the Channel 9 News demo they even said they will call me back for any demo with chocolates or pastries. I could have not of done it all with out my lovely mom for helping me at the last moment.

I sure have come a long way. When I was younger I was scared to be on stage, to talk to strangers, and to be alone now I crave it all.  What’s next?

Here’s the flyer I handed out to all the lucky fans that saw the demo.

Dori-choco-Recipe1 try



These are a few confections that I made for the Chocolate Festival. Dark Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Rugelach, Coconut Truffles, and Dragee Almonds. I will be doing another Chocolate Festival at Winter Park, Colorado on June 22nd. 

chocolate 1 chocolate 2

chocolate 4


You can watch how these Dark Chocolate Truffles are made on my YouTube channel.

chocolate 3 chocolate 5

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Festival in Denver Colorado

  1. Do you have a recipe to share for the chocolate rugelach? These are my favorite and i have yet to perfect them…. just waiting to find the missing step

    • Here is one of my favorite recipes for Rugelach. 2 cups Chocolate Chips, 3/4c. Light Brown Sugar, 6 Tbsp Sugar, 11/2tsp of Ground Cinnamon, 33/4c. All Purpose blur, 11/2c. Cold Unsalted Butter, 12 oz Cream Cheese,
      1.)Combine the chocolate, brown sugar, cinnamon and half the sugar.Set aside.2.)Combine the other half of the sugar, salt,flour, and mix until combined.3.)Add 1/2″ Cubed Butter mix until the mixture resembles butter the size of peas. 4.)Add the cream cheese and mix for 30 second. Let the dough rest for 1 hour. Roll out thin, sprinkle with chocolate mixture, cut and then roll. ANy other questions email me. Thanks and Happy Baking

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