Canning Jam- so easy!

Here is a recipe/blog post from my mom.


My family loves Jam! We put jam on our oatmeal in the morning, add it to peanut butter for lunch and a dollop on yogurt at night! The best Jam is the jam you make yourself. In the summer months I even go out in the field and pick my own raspberries. There is nothing better than sun ripened raspberry Jam. But in the winter months, I make jam from frozen fruit. I can the jams to preserve them them but we usually eat them all before long so I don’t know why I even bother with the canning process. Maybe because there is nothing finer than a row of jewel-like Ball canning jars lined up on the counter just filled with luscious fruits.
I made this little tutorial so you can make your own jam.
You will need:
Fruit- preferably fresh, but frozen
sugar- About 4 cups of dry, granulated (table) sugar. Yes, you can substitute an equivalent amount of honey or agave.
pectin- (it’s a natural product, made from apples
Lemon juice – 1/4 cup per batch. You don’t always need it, but to keep things simple- just put it in everything.

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